Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Week 2 2017


Quest will start again next week (14th and 15th February)
It is on every Tuesday and Wednesday.

This term we are trialling a new format. Year 3-6 children will come to Quest twice a week, year 1&2 children once per week.

Here is the timetable:

TWO SESSIONS PER WEEK - Trial for term 1

Block 1 A (8.55- 9.45)
Year 5&6 20 ( A5, A6, B7, B8)
Year 5&6
Block 1 B (9.45- 10.40)
Year 5&6 21 (L3, M3, M4, O3, O4)
Year 5&6
Block 2 A (11-11.45)
Year 3&4 14 ( A3, A4, B5, B6)
Year 3&4
Block 2 B (11.45-12.30)
Year 3&4 19 (L4,L5, O1,O2,T1,T3)
Year 3&4
Block 3 1.30-3pm
Year 1&2 15 (A2,B1,B4, M1,M2,T2)
Growth class year 1&2 from term 2


This information was emailed to me to share with parents - a great way to meet other like minded children and families, and fun activities - in the past they have done robotics, lego, dissections, science activities etc - you can choose which ones appeal to you and your family.

EXPLORERS is a club for gifted children and their families. We are nonprofit and run entirely by volunteers.
Gifted children can make friends with others of their own age and ability in a comfortable environment.
Parents of gifted children can also meet and share experiences.
Explorers is the Auckland Branch of the national body, New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC).
Club Activities include:
Club days
 We meet on Saturdays during term as advertised - each one with a different theme.
Holiday trips
 as advertised
 for 11 + children twice a term
 sessions for 9+ twice a term
Young Explorer 
activities for 6 and under

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