Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Out of the mouths of babes...

Out of the mouths of babes…
At Quest last week we looked at changing the world. Firstly we discussed strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the world. I love hearing children’s opinions – often they think about far more than we realise. Ideas are from years 1-6 students (5-11 yr olds). The future of the world is in good hands with these kids I think! 😊
                                            (I can change the world)

                                           (make more friends, stop littering, take care of the rainforest)

People and places:
We have a home. We’re friendly. Collaborating. My family and my mum and my friends. A home. Cars. Nice people. Random acts of kindness. Free stuff for homeless / foster children/ poor people. Foundations. Me. Good people. Tall Buildings. People helping others. Kindness. Adopting animals. People who care. Family. Friends. Happiness. People being kind. Kindness and caring. A brain. Fun. Family. Smiles. Mr da Vinci. Mrs Thompson. Teachers. Shelter. Where we live. School. Friends. Life.
Activities / interests:
I can do art. I go to Quest. Boxing and All Blacks! Swimming. Japanese video games and arcades. Technology. T.V. Science. Food. Chocolate. Books. Education. Pie. Football. Music. Good schools. Playgrounds. Electronics. Quest.  Pokemon. Reading. Quest. Learning. Fudge. Math. Space. Moon. Art.
The environment:
Having the earth. Animals. Plants, trees. Ocean and wind and trees. Eco friendly stuff. Nature. Trees. Eco-friendly groups. Solar panels. Rubbish bins. Wind power. Geothermal power. Hydroelectric power. People planting trees. Looking after the environment. How we care for animals. Sun. Trees. Land. Water. Plants.

People and places:
People throw rubbish. People kill things. Donald Trump. ISIS. North Korea’s president. Sadness. All Superpower countries. Bill English. Trump. People who are NOT NICE. Bad people. Robbers. Being hurt. Bullying. Beggars. Mr Trump. Cruelty / abuse.  Terrorists. Disease. Not everyone is kind.
Guns. Bombs. Memes. Shooting. Stealing. Wars. Money. WW3? More war in that poor country. T.V. Money. Food. Vegetables. School. Being inside.  Fighting. No food. Square eyes and device addiction. I can’t read books. Getting out of bed. I can’t ride my bike really well.
Rubbish in the sea. No trees. Pollution. Logging. Global warming. Death. Pollution. Cutting trees down. Cutting down trees for money. Car pollution. Littering. Land fills. Litter. The sun melting the ice and flooding the world. Rubbish. Green House gases. Animal cruelty. Litter. Pollution. Extinction of animals. We leave rubbish. Floods. Leaving rubbish.

People and places:
Vote out Trump. Have a different NZ Prime Minister. Give more respect. Donate. Living on Mars? Make houses smaller. I can change the world! Make more friends. Give kindness to the world. More homes. Show kindness.
Lego shop. Bikes. Double decker car. Stop everything bad!! More technology. Stop doing wars. Don’t use petrol cars. Get kids to go outside. Be sporty. More free wifi. Time to do stuff. Not as much electronics. Less people playing on devices. Jobs. Play outside more. Stop battles.
More animals. Whales. Stop oil ships from killing whales!  Stop using palm oil. Use less paper. Stand for trees. Plant more trees. Pick up rubbish. Recycling. Eat bugs. More medicine plants. More animals. Stop cutting down trees. Don’t use electrics as much. Stop polluting the ocean. Do not put rubbish on the ground. Don’t waste water. Re-use. Take care of the rainforest. Stop littering. Plant more plants.


  1. 'Eat bugs' he he, I love the whole Environment Opportunities section. Ways we can all make change. 'More medicine plants' Love it!!!

  2. They came up with all of those ideas - I only gave them the headings of Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities - on large pieces of paper so they added their ideas. I was so impressed that so many of them thought of environmental ideas - I simply grouped them under the sub-headings as I was typing them out for this to make it more readable.


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