Monday, 12 June 2017

Gifted Awareness Week


Each year in NZ, the week around 17th June is dedicated as Gifted Awareness Week - a week to take the opportunity to raise awareness about gifted children and their needs. 

Why 17th June? Because that is the birthday of Professor George Parkyn - an academic who was very important in Gifted Education in NZ - the first to achieve international recognition in the field of gifted education. He was founding Patron for the NZ Association of Gifted Children.

I take this opportunity to raise awareness amoung teachers about gifted children's needs, and also to chat to children about what 'gifted' means to them. I know it's not a word that everyone is comfortable with, so it is very informal. 

Parents might like to take the opportunity to read a blog, watch a free webinar, write their story to share anonymously, or other activities on offer. Here is a link to what is going on this year for Gifted Awareness Week. 


This week at Quest we are going to look at changing the world. Can kids make a difference? What do we think we could change / improve? This is a huge subject and we are just going to touch on it briefly. I think it is important for children to feel empowered and realise that if there are things that are bothering them, they can make a difference. Last week we looked at things we can / can't change - lots of great discussion. We had fun changing our voices / actions to pretend to be someone else, and also talked about our changing feelings / emotions. 

A question for you - what three things would you change about our world, and why? 

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