Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Amazing world

This week we looked at what is good about our world.
I wanted to start with this as next week I plan to get children thinking about problems / issues in the world / country / neighbourhood, and I wanted them to realise that there are lots of positives too.

We looked at Louis Armstrong's 'What a wonderful world' song - many children sang along - lovely!
We also looked at how other people record their positive feelings about the world - through written work, art, videos, song.

This global film project by Coldplay, using their song 'Amazing Day' is a lovely way to see some of the wonderful things in our world. Amazing Day by Coldplay

We brainstormed things that we think are amazing in the world, and looked at giving reasons for why we think they are amazing.

Here are some of their ideas:

The ocean because you can go surfboarding.
The sun because it gives us light.
Shells because they give crabs a home.
Horses because they are so cute and fun and friendly.
Trees / forests - because it gives you air. Without it the world would basically be extinct. And it is a habitat for a lot of living things.
Water because without it I can't sail!
Dogs because they guard people.
Snow because I like going skiing with my family.
Animals because they give me joy.

Nachos because I like the delicious crunchy corn chips with mince piled on top.
Mountain biking because there are lots of things to learn.
Sport because it encourages me to keep going.
Fashion because it makes you look good - dress to impress!
Books because they give me inspiration to write.
Fortnite because it is the most popular game in the world.
I-pads because they have the best games ever made.
Pokemon because you can trade.

Goode Brothers because they give pizza lessons!
School because that's where I get to learn and make new friends.
Mount Ruapehu because I love skiing.
Forests because there is lots of life in them.
Rotorua because I mountain bike there.
My house because it's where I grew up.
Home because it makes me feel safe.
Queenstown because it's beautiful.

Dad because I am proud of him.
Elvis Presley for being the King of Rock.
Your family because if you are sick or hurt they can help you.
Mum and Dad because they buy you food and clothes.
A good friend because they are kind and caring.
Paleontologists because they discover ancient information.
Friends and family because they got me were I am.
Mum - she is kind and funny.
Friends because they are kind and inspire me to do new things.
Dan Reynolds because he is the singer of Imagine Dragons.

Next week we start to look at issues in the world and to find out about people and organisations who are helping, and we'll eventually look at how we can help if we feel strongly about something.

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