Monday, 27 February 2017

Our Community

Our Community - What's important to us

We have started to think about what a community means to us - it is just the people, or the places, activities or a combination? There was a lot of good discussion as children debated various ideas. We began thinking out what is important to us in our school community - what kind of people, places , activities make our school community special for us? What do we value?

This week we will continue this and expand our thinking to our wider community. The aim is for all Quest groups to collaborate to create a video that shows what matters to us in our community.

We will then expand further to look at communities around the world - are they all the same? What are the similarities and differences to our community? This will give students some good lines of inquiry if they wish to look in detail at a part of our community, or further afield and research communities in different countries. Over the coming weeks we will also look at changes over time and see how changes affect our relationships with each other and with our environment in our communities.

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