Friday, 17 February 2017


For our first week of Quest we thought a bit about ourselves - things that we like, things that are unique about us and things we have in common with others.
We discussed names - where do they come from, what do they mean, how important are they? Some children wrote their names backwards and described that person with an opposite personality to themselves. Some researched name meanings, definitions of name-related words such as nom de plume, pseudonym etc, some created fictitious creatures using their imagination and an unusual name.

On Wednesday we had the excitement of seeing the cycle track being completed outside our window. Adam had the idea to make a time-lapse of the work, so he set up an ipod in the window - thanks for thinking of that Adam! This track was started by a group of year 6 students back in 2013. They started an inquiry into how to improve our school and after much brainstorming, research, surveys and discussions, decided that a cycle track would give children more to do at lunchtimes, as well as encourage road safety and healthy activities. They planned the track over several months with the advice of an engineer from Fulton Hogan who volunteered his time to work with them - thanks Kacha :)

Next week we will be starting to think about what makes a community.

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