Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2

This term our concept is CHANGE. We will be looking at change through a variety of topics... starting with a bit of Science this week - chemistry and changes to substances. Other topics planned are metamorphosis, Gandhi, change in our lives, toilets through the ages, money, future thinking etc. These may change, but the aim is to have a wide variety of topics to expand ideas.

The big ideas of change we will be looking at are that change is everywhere, it has cause and effect, it is inevitable, and change leads to new experiences.

Thanks to everyone for feedback about our timetable last term - trialling two sessions a week for years 3-6 students. I had 71 responses in all, from parents, staff, and students. There were mixed views and I appreciate everyone's feedback. 55% of responses were in favour of the two sessions a week, so we will stick with that for this term as well.

I have changed the timetable this term to try to have less clashes with maths extension groups. Please let me know if there is a clash with anything for your child - I will try to find a way around it.

So year 3&4's will be in the first block this term, and year 5&6's will be in the second block (after morning tea). The year 1&2 group has a few new students so it has been split - half of them will come on Tuesday afternoons, half will come on Wednesday afternoons.

Here's the timetable:

Term 2 2017

Block 1 A (8.55- 9.45)
Year 3&4  ( A3, A4, B5, B6)
Year 3&4
Block 1 B (9.45- 10.40)
Year 3&4  (L4, L5, O1, O2, T1, T3)
Year 3&4
Block 2 A (11-11.45)
Year 5&6 ( A5, A6, B7, B8)
Year 5&6
Block 2 B (11.45-12.30)
Year 5&6  (L3, M3, M4, O3, O4)
Year 5&6
Block 3 1.30-3pm
Year 2  (A2, B1)
Year 1&2 (B4, M1, M2, T2)

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