Sunday, 9 April 2017

Changes over time

The year 3-6 students have been looking at how things have changed over time. What were they like 50 years ago, what are they like now, and what do we think they will be like in 50 years time? And how have or will these changes affect how we interact with other people?

This adds depth and complexity to thinking, while learning some research skills and having a chance to use creative thinking and imagination to predict the future.

The year 1&2 group are looking at 'belonging to a group' this week. How does it feel when they are not included in a group? We will practice using empathy to discuss how others might feel if they are not included, and to think of possible solutions to help with these feelings.

Parents of year 3-6 Quest students - please remember to fill in the feedback form that was emailed out to help us plan for Term 2 timetabling.

This is the last week of term 1. We have a break for Easter and school holidays.
Have a happy holiday.

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