Friday, 14 December 2018

Creative stop-motion

Last week children were given some plasticine - a limited amount in just one colour. I was inspired by one of my year 6 students who showed me his creative stop-motions he had made in his own time.  I used these as examples for other children. Thank you Devon for sharing your animations and inpiring others!

It was great to see their creative thinking - firstly with what they created out of a single-coloured blob of plasticine, and then how they animated it.

Stop motion is a lot of fun and there are many free apps out there. Those with Chrome books have one from the Chrome store - stop motion animator. On apple there are several free apps - we used imotion, but there are others such as 'I can animate,' 'Stop motion studio,' 'Lapse it' etc

Stop motions take patience and perseverance, and can be done with anything. They can be as simple as making a sock look like it's moving across the floor, to more complicated animations such as Aardman's Wallace and Gromit with facial expressions etc.

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