Wednesday, 17 October 2018


This term we are looking at learning through the concept of creativity. 

We started this week by collaborating to make some crazy animal pictures.

We then looked at creativity with animals - selective breeding and hybrid species like designer dogs. The older groups thought about the ethics of selection when breeding, and compared it to Hitler's desire for an Aryan race.

There are some great sites that show people's creative ideas for hybrid fruit (photoshopped). All of this is great for getting students to be creative in a fun way and not worry about mistakes or being perfect as there is no right or wrong. By tying it in with selection and hybrids they can see that this creative thinking can actually lead to changes over time, but we need to be careful as not all ideas work out well. Some of the older students looked at defects and difficulties with some cross-breed dogs.
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In the next few weeks we will look at creative advertising, the renaissance period, creative design, and inventions. Hopefully this will allow children a chance to be creative and to take risks with their thinking and see that new ideas can be useful, as can learning from mistakes.

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