Sunday, 29 April 2018



This term we welcome new students to Quest - there are now 111 students attending Quest - wow! (And more are still being evaluated/identified...) 

So many curious minds to work with - lucky me :) I just love working with these children and am constantly astounded by the way they look at the world, remember facts, know incredible information (that never occurred to me to think about!), think and wonder, create and dream - such great inspiration.

I am always busy trying to ensure that they have chances to show/grow these abilities, but if you ever want to let me know about something that you feel I need to know/see then please get in touch. The kids are great at sharing things too - I love it when they can't wait to tell me someting they have discovered or been thinking about, or show me a creation (story, video, picture, etc)

Of course we all have areas where we could improve or need help too, so I also aim to help children with that. It is important that we don't just 'fix their problems' (after all 'problems' are just stepping stones to learning), but rather empower them with skills / strategies / support so that they can help themselves.

I have been watching videos of speakers at the 'Bright and Quirky child' conference this week. So much interesting advice and information about our 2e (twice exceptional / gifted plus - those who are gifted with another exceptionality such as dyslexia, autism, hearing difficulties, processing difficulties etc). One of the main points that many of them have noted is that we need to look first and foremost at children's strengths, and then support the difficulties. They are much more than just the difficulties. I think this goes for all children. They all have strengths - it is so important to acknowledge and encourage those to ensure children feel appreciated / recognised. Of course they also appreciate when we support their needs, but if that is all we look at then they will start to feel a bit like that is all we notice about them!

This term the whole school inquiry is looking at performing arts. I have had requests from some students to look at Greek Gods/Myths, so we will be looking at Greek Myths and ancient Greek history, they tying that in with performing arts to show their learning. Some of the Greek Gods / myths stories are quite far-fetched and have content that I am not comfortable sharing with children, so I will be careful about what I pick to share! They do however have some unusual creatures/ideas in the stories which could be good for encouraging children's own creative thinking, as well as useful lessons to learn from/think about. And of course the ancient Greeks loved philosophy (thinking deeply) so I will add some of that in too. (I am excited to be participating in a philosophy for children course later this term and have some other teachers from Whangaparaoa Primary and College coming to it as well, so I am keen to practice what I learn there.)

We will be starting by looking at the story of Theseus and the Minotaur (looking at problem-solving, caring, determination, myth vs reality, mazes/labyrinths). Next week we will look a little at Ancient Greek life. The idea is to introduce some ideas in the first few weeks, then allow children to create their own presentation to share some knowledge or something they have created based on Greek culture. It might be a video re-telling a story, or showing/reading a story/play they have written. It could be a powerpoint / stop motion video / recording / video of a play enactment etc. We will discuss their ideas. It will probably be a little more guided with the juniors - we'll see how they go.

Below is the timetable for Quest this term. We try to work around class trips / activities, so some weeks children may come at a different time if their teachers request it. There are some instances where Quest will not be on - listed below. This term I am coming in on a Monday as well to accomodate working around class activities. Please note that I will not be in school on Wednesday afternoons in lieu of the Monday afternoons. (I am still only employed part time - 2 days a week).

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