Monday, 24 July 2017

MOVEMENT - Term 3 Concept

Welcome back to another Term of School. :)

This term the concept is Movement. Children will be looking at this in their regular classes too. I will be introducing a variety of topics under the concept of movement to show children links and hopefully some new ideas.

We will be looking at movement with maths (speed of things), Science (how things move), Geography, Social science, language, arts, health etc. We will also look at feelings, thoughts, different perspectives, how movement can have knock-on effects - for example, human settlements can affect migration patterns of animals. Well, that's my plan anyway! Sometimes children have ideas that mean we go in a different direction...

This week we will be looking at muscles and how they help us move.

The year 5&6 groups have a special visitor coming on Tuesday - nothing to do with the topic, but an author was offering to visit school groups for free, so I snapped up the opportunity! Zee Southcombe is a writer and an illustrator. She likes to encourage children to have a go and has written several books. I have a couple of her books at school called 'I am a writer' - lots of advice from authors on how to become a writer - and another called 'I am an artist'. 

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