Sunday, 19 March 2017


We are delving more into a class inquiry this week - looking at statistics with the bike track, and
how/if this change has affected people in our community.

Inquiry learning is child-centred. Children will learn to ask questions and find answers. A good start for an inquiry is a good question - open-ended (has no right or wrong answer) and higher-order (requires critical thinking, problem-solving and/or transfer of learning).

We have a class inquiry that we are looking at to reinforce the basic skills needed - formulating good questions, researching using reputable sources, recording information /ideas, and finally sharing our findings. This will take us several weeks. Some children may choose to branch off into their own inquiry.

This type of learning is fantastic for our gifted children as it gives them ownership over their learning. Some however will and do struggle with the amount of choice - their minds will see endless possibilities and not know where to start, or they may start and then overthink and doubt their choice of topic.  Some will start one thing and rush it to get on to their next idea. I want to help children to take their time to have more depth to their learning, to push themselves 'beyond the known'. So that is why I am guiding this more at the moment, to build up skills and confidence for those who need it, so that in time they will feel able to make their own choices, and to encourage those fast learners to slow down and delve deeper so that they will learn more and challenge themselves along the way.

On Wednesday 5th April 7-8.30pm in the staffroom I will be talking about intensities/ sensitivities/ over-excitabilities in gifted people. I gave this same talk about three-four  years ago so some of you may have heard it before - apologies. It seems like there is a need to understand more about these intensities that so many of our children (and some of us too!) experience. No charge - a chance to come and mingle and chat with other parents as well if you want to stay afterwards.

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